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Genesis edition

Dive into the depth of our artisanal Whisky, a creation infused with the rich aroma of cedarwood and licorice, harmoniously balanced with dominant oak and vanilla. Discover a flavorful journey full of honey, soft pepper and a subtle hint of vanilla. Experience a warm glow in the throat, followed by a surprising unfolding of flavors in the mouth. Enjoy a beautifully long finish, a tribute to the art of Assensus Distillery.

Ingredients: water, malted barley, yeast and alcohol

70cl - 43% Alc.

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Do you ship worldwide?

No, unfortunately not. Right now we only ship our spirits to Belgium and Netherlands. We are working on expanding our shipping.

Can I make cocktails with these spirits?

Yes you can! You can drink them neat or you can experiment with different cocktails. It's all up to you!

What tonic should I use for gin&tonic?

You can use every tonic you like. But because our gins are very flavourful, we do recomend a neutral tonic.