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Happie Appel

Happie Appel

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Deceptively delicious

Happie appel, an irresistible artisanal apple blend crafted by Assensus Distillery. This unique blend combines freshly picked apples and barley malt alcohol, resulting in a refreshing apple taste with a strong 16% punch. It is the perfect companion for a lively après-ski ambiance and an excellent base for fruity cocktails. The prominent taste of fresh apples, complemented by a hint of cinnamon, makes Happie Appel a true delight.

Ingredients: water, apple juice, cinnamon, spices and barley malt alcohol.

100cl - 16% Alc.

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Do you ship worldwide?

No, unfortunately not. Right now we only ship our spirits to Belgium and Netherlands. We are working on expanding our shipping.

Can I make cocktails with these spirits?

Yes you can! You can drink them neat or you can experiment with different cocktails. It's all up to you!

What tonic should I use for gin&tonic?

You can use every tonic you like. But because our gins are very flavourful, we do recomend a neutral tonic.